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Turbo Honda


Quite a story with this one.


Originally built in the 1970s and then stripped down and put in boxes. Passed through a few hands before it ended up with it's present owner.


Frame is of unknown origin but the motor is a full drag spec 1000cc Russ Collins Racing motor running a Ray Jay turbocharger and a Joe Hunt Magneto.


Wobbles a bit up to 30 mph then it's as steady as a rock. Engine starts to run sweetly above 95mph.


No idea what the maximum speed is as no-one has had the balls to take it over 120mph.


Fuel consumption was miserable at 19 miles to a tank of juice. Getting around the bikes shows was a problem as we had to go everywhere with an outrider carring a can of juice.


Paint by Roadhouse.


Engraving and plating by Hernan the Mexican.


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Untitled Turbo Honda